How to find a good andrologist in London

Today we want to talk about a patient’s approach to the Andrology specialist. How do you request a visit to the andrologist, what channels can be followed and what are the right questions to ask about wow to find a good andrologist in London?

Who is the Andrologist?

The Andrologist, often confused with the Urologist, is the right figure to deal with all issues relating to the male sexual organ. By definition, an Andrologist is an Urologist specialized in the treatment of conditions related to sexual dysfunction and fertility in males. Andrology specialization gives the Andrologist more experience on the male reproductive system and is the right specialist to treat problems of infertility and sexual dysfunction.

The pathologies treated by the Andrologist:

  • The curved penis.
  • The induratio penis plastic.
  • Testicular tumors.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Male genital infections.
  • Male infertility.
  • The short frenulum.
  • Prostatic hypertrophy.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • The preputial phimosis.
  • The small penis.

How to find a good Andrologist in London? Practical tips not to be wrong!

1) Check their credentials

Discover their experience and skills. Their curriculum gives an idea of ​​the training they have followed and whether they have the skills to provide andrological care. Check if he has completed a specific training in Andrology  as a clinical Fellowship In Andrology!!!

2) Consider the experience of the andrologist

While choosing an andrologist, considering their experience is essential. An experienced andrologist will ensure that the procedure followed to treat a condition produces the desired result. Having the opportunity to speak with an experienced Andrologist who has treated many cases similar to yours is a guarantee for you. In general, these andrologists are able to explain in detail everything related to the pathology and have extensive experience given by their previous patients. Experienced andrologists can prevent surgical complications by quickly identifying and managing them.

3) Considering the gender of your andrologist could be helpful

Your andrologist must understand your conditions thoroughly. So, you will have to openly discuss your personal information. Since andrologists can specialize in specific conditions for men and women, you can make a choice based on this. It is best to ask the andrologist for their training and experience related to your condition and gender.

4) Evaluate their communication style

 Select an andrologist with whom you can talk comfortably about your conditions. Your andrologist should be able to inform you of everything you need to know about the condition, its pre-treatment and post-treatment procedures and prevention.

When you meet an andrologist, ask them questions and see if they welcome your questions. Also, note if they offer answers that you can understand. Find an andrologist who is genuinely interested in understanding you and your condition, who will take your therapeutic preferences into consideration and respect your decisions.

5) Check the academic qualifications of your andrologist  !!!     

 Finding a good Andrologist is not always easy. The doctor’s curriculum vitae and scientific publications must be carefully checked. There is a qualification, Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM), which certifies the doctor as an expert in sexual medicine released by the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM). Always check that your andrologist has it !!!

Also check that your Andrologist has completed a PhD in Andrology !!! The PhD in Andrology should guarantee a high level of scientific knowledge of your Andrologist!!!

If you have no a good reference for Andrologist, contact Holistic Andrology or the Dottorelondon clinic.

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