What is Peyronies’ disease ( curved penis )?

Definition, Causes and Diagnosis of Penile Curvature

The induratio penis plastic or Peyronie’s disease is a pathology that involves a curvature of the penis, associated with painful erections and a possible reduction of penile stiffness distal to the tract affected by the pathology. This condition is determined by a calcific plaque at the level of the tunical albuginea which leads to a more or less important curvature of the penis.

The causes are uncertain, microtraumas that can occur during sexual intercourse or other traumas are hypothesized as agents. When the penis is flaccid there is no evidence of the pathology which, however, in cases of severe deformity, can even prevent sexual intercourse. The prevalence is higher in middle-aged men, although it is not uncommon to find penile curvatures even in younger patients. The diagnosis is easily made by observing the erect penis, which can show various degrees of ventral, dorsal or lateral curvature.

The dynamic penile ultrasound Doppler

Palpation shows a dense, fibrous formation, generally at the level of the midline of the penis. For a more precise evaluation of the problem it is often necessary to perform a dynamic penile eco-color doppler. In addition to accurately determining the characteristics and dimensions of the plaque, it allows the urologist to personally observe the degree of penile curvature, so that he can best set the most appropriate path for each case.

Treatment of La Peyronie’s Disease: Pills, Iontophoresis and Shockwave

Many patients have no real need to do any type of treatment because once the possible penile curvature has stabilized, it still allows you to have satisfactory sexual relations. If the disease is dealt with in its early phase, which typically lasts a few months, drugs aimed at passing penile pain and blocking bowing can be used with some success. they include: 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors, Vitamin E, colchicine, pentoxifylline, tamoxifen, potassium paraminobenzoate. Physical therapy through electroiontophoresis, micro-injections of intraplate drugs or the use of shockwaves can also help in the early stage of the disease or where the patient does not accept surgery.

If penile curvature makes it impossible to have sex, straightening surgery can be considered according to one of the various techniques known today. However, a thorough interview with your Urologist is necessary before undergoing these procedures. The surgery is in fact associated with a significant reduction in the length of the penis and often, although carried out by expert surgeons, it can lead to less than optimal aesthetic results.

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